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Monday, September 01, 2014

OSA, TCN, and PNM: Empowerment WORKS!

We already have it ALL..   together :)
It is NOW a matter of connecting the dots!

Our Sacred Acres has launched a non-profit project, in partnership with Project Nuevo Mundo and Tribal Convergence, to educate, enrich, and inspire community connection by co-­creating a regenerative living environment and restorative community impact center on our land here in Snohomish, Washington.  

What do you suppose that the three of us have in common?  

Besides a shared vision and aligned missions (of course!), we are all fiscally sponsored PROJECTS of Empowerment Works (EW)..  making us Partners In Empowerment.

EW's local action strategy, "7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS)" models the way nature creates - tapping into the creative force in us all: 

1. Engage
   2. Assess

      3. Plan
         4. Learn
            5. Build
               6. Expand
                  7. Sustain  

 Creativity - It's in our Nature

Our Sacred Acres (OSA), is a community impact center - A PLACE, where we learn place-making.. tending to ourselves, each other, and our planet through land stewardship, food sovereignty, authentic experience. 

And here we are at Stage One, building a healthy team by engaging the communities, the networks - the PEOPLE.  

We are people, just like you, stepping forward into these new ways of working together that allows for sustainable - and then regenerative - relationships and livelihoods for us all to unfold beautifully and in harmony with our environment.

Sustainability Stages 1-3: THE INTERNAL FOCUS

1. Build a team around your ideal future. Find Partners In Empowerment - community members, local organizations, businesses & others dedicated to positive change.  

2. Assess local assets = economic opportunities. Explore the richness of human (talents, skills, cultural gifts) and sustainable natural resources right in your backyard. Take inventory of your village, city, region. (Asset-Based Community Development).

3. Make a plan (co-create solutions). Work with your team to find the root causes of local challenges. Outline local needs, your mission, goals, how you will measure success, and then actions. Agree who will do what and how you will share responsibilities.

Up and Running and Off to a Dreamy Start!

After hosting several permaculture, natural building, and relationship workshops during the spring and summer of 2014, we are now in our structural incubation phase and excited to welcome a confluence of collective wisdom in action, partnering with the DreamDance Global community here in Cascadia's Salish Sea region, and celebrating our accomplishments together this fall during our TCN Seed Gathering at OSA:

This potent gathering of visionaries and village builders, web weavers and willing workers, architects, alchemists and artisans is a dream come true .. for so many of us!  

From Collective Vision to Collaborative Reality: 
Inhabiting the Global Village
It begins at home with a dream to unite our families, neighbors, clans:          Peoples.
Learning to live lightly by sharing around the hearth, our heart, this earth:     Places.   
 Working in unison on actions that align with our values, mission, goals:     Projects.    
Restoring Local Connections
Activating Regional Collaborations
Unifying Global Community

We are the Dream Generation  
As Dream Generators, we have the individual genius and the collective intention to create and implement more harmonious ways for living lightly and learning wisely, toward the greater wellness of all beings.

Uniting the spirits of DreamDance and Our Sacred Acres
Urban and Rural ~ Local and Global ~ Elder and Youth ~ Masculine and Feminine ~ Body and Spirit ~ Dancers and the Dream

And..  Nina and Danielle :)


A DreamGuider is... someone who holds a bright light in their h'art. Someone who shows up in service to the Dream we are all here to create together. Someone who loves the earth and all earthlings and loves to bring it fully. Someone who plays well with others and loves to be in the experiment of community building, event production and creating amazing things for our collective transformation. Someone with super high vibes. A super human with mad skills and generous nature. Someone who has the ability to weave the energies necessary for making space sacred and beautiful.  Someone who is willing to work for a priceless exchange. Someone who makes the world a better place and sends their Love in ripples all the way around the planet, knowing that our intentions and actions really do make a difference and that the collective heart WILL open in the blink of our laser focused loving eye....

That's a DreamGuider. 

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