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Friday, April 01, 2016

The Office Mystic has done it again..

View of the southern Cascade Mountains from Mt. Shasta
She's Gone Mobile ..  
The MOM has left the bioregion.

I celebrated my 10 year anniversary of arrival in Cascadia this past Valentine's Day, in a sweet circle of beloved friends new and old within a circle of many circles overlapping, intersecting, weaving and coming full circle again, back to .. the circle.  And now I'm stepping out to widen the circle, share the love, and organize some village-building, earth-honoring action!

Looking through my pictoral history to select images, moments that tell this story, my heart is so full.. I can see, that I have lived a beautiful life here.

A beautiful life at home, in nature..  within the dreamscaped bubble of this ring of trees.
View of the sky from the Vortal at Our Sacred Acres in the North Cascade Mountains' Snohomish River Valley.
And a beautiful social life, with friends and family, gathering often within the many-cultured places we frequent, dance halls, yoga studios, parks, tea and coffee shops.
View of the everything that is DreamDance Cascadia at OmCulture Studio, Seattle Washington.

I have written a lovely story of community by living in it every day; by dreaming of it and dancing in it then putting it into ACTION..  working for it with all my h'art, sometimes alone, yet always in harmony with a whole village of h'artisans.

AND NOW...  I have all of.. THIS.. all the stories, the pictures, the blog posts, the google docs, the social forums and technology tools, and .. experience, and stuff.

DaniBelle's Closet before giving away all my clothes!
What best to do with all this.. stuff?

Closet as lived in before hitting the road
Well, to me it's a simple enough answer:

Do more of what's working.

Keep things moving.

Give it away.
Give it away, give it away ~ These words have been ringing in my head for years now (and no not because the RHCP are following me around).  It felt right so I began, starting with small things, you know - money, time, skills, passion, shoes.

During this time experimenting with the gift economy, I've acquired even more than I ever gave away, and produced a beautiful reality with  it - a home, a gathering space, an interconnected community.  Alongside so many others, through the relationships cultivated by sharing our gifts and working together, we've built..  a village!

So why give it away?  How does one pass on the hard-earned fruits of her labor, and why would I give away that which represents my life's work thus far?  The place I know as home, that my daughter and grandson and family and friends have been coming together in for years to celebrate, connect, conspire and create, the land of Our Sacred Acres and all the material assets, immaterial capital invested and stored in the stories and stuff of this... place?

Because it's what I set out to do in the first place.
Because it's time to take what I've learned in this village building process at Our Sacred Acres out into the world..  which means, leaving OSA..  leaving it in a better, more beautiful way, a way that makes it possible for me to return, and for my friends and family to join me in maintaining the connection to the land and preserving it for future generations.

The pieces are in place, the partners and the people and the projects, the Portal is open, and I am offering all who have been sharing in this beautiful life with us here, to step through it, and enter the DreamGeneration.   Sign up for the newsletter on our website, or contact us if you have questions about the future custodianship of Our Sacred Acres.

The Bloom Portal @ Our Sacred Acres on Panther Creek:
A Portal Spore in the Bloom Mycelial Network.
Meanwhile, it's Spring, it's 2016, and I'm bouncing.  Bouncing right out of my home, and into the homes of my friends and family beyond these geographical boundaries I've called home.

I'm off to connect the dots of our village, to organize events that facilitate the spread of regenerative culture..  to keep on building a globally just, locally sustainable, and beautifully planetary village.

My gypsy wagon emptied out (contents at left) so I can move furniture, haul recycling, and be generally useful to my hosts.
I've gone mobile, and am totally in my Element!

I'm moving from place to place, moving stuff not needed or plentiful to where it can be most useful, too..  ever the schlepper.   Meeting people face to face, and working on projects together to organize .. Awesome.  Cuz, that's my job :)

Where have I gone?

Why, through the portal, of course.

To build on what I started last year with Cascadia RAD, I have accepted a job with The Polish Ambassador and Ayla Nereo, organizing village building events for ActionDays.Us.  These one day community development projects are produced in association with TPA shows and festival appearances.
I am now in California getting started on the next one, 
The Village at Lightning in a Bottle
Yep, building it.  The Village. :)

And out the other side, as Dani in Action.

It's time for me to write the next chapter of this beautiful life.. together with people in Action everywhere.
It's time for US to h'activate the village.

WE are the DreamGeneration.. 
We are family.

Frequency << Arts >> Movement
We are the DreamGen FAM! 

And this is Our Story.. 
for having shared it with one another.  

Where ever 2 or more are gathered, we are DreamDancing.  Where ever 2 or more are gathered, we are sharing in an experience that becomes what we make of it, together.  

Let's keep making it beautiful, y'all..  a planetary family village of global justice for all beings.. for all our relations.  One place, at one time, then the next in another, and so on.


David, Dani and Ayla in Action at Jumpsuit Farms.  Yay .us!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

It's about Bloomin' time! ;)

Listen to Accelerate the Spread of Regenerative Culture with Magenta Ceiba at Bloom Network by Heart Of It All #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/heart-of-it-all/accelerate-the-spread-of-regenerative-culture-with-magenta-ceiba-at-bloom-network

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Grateful today for the privilege to be in service to community.

(YES - I am owning that WORD, Privilege, here in this appropriate context)

Paul Che Oke Ten Wagner brought ceremony, song, and storytelling
to the circle as a member of this Salish Sea conference's design team. He
is also 1 of the 3 Salmon Delegates going to the UN Climate Conference.
I gratefully accepted a most kind invitation to support the Salish Sea Bioneers annual conference this past weekend. In appreciation of this opportunity, I now share the learnings of this experience, the teachings of those who expressed their powerful perspectives, back to you, dear reader, beloved family and members of the communities with whom I dance.

It was truly an honor, a blessing, and yes, a privilege of mine, to be in service to and in the company of the very people with whom I would choose to share a story circle (and so, I did).  I felt full to overflowing with every emotion that can move through a human, as I worked with the volunteers, hosts, and participants from all across our region (and Wisconsin ;) ) to co-create an experience of depth and meaningful engagement. Before heading off, I heard from so many who wished they could go, blessed my journey, asked that I hold their stories and spirits in my heart and carry them into the sacred circle with me. And so I did that too.

Being in service is a privilege. The privileges bestowed upon me in these times, this lifetime, these places, this timespace, I do not take them lightly or for granted. I work all the time, for all time, to not only understand where they come from but also to wield them well! To work with what I am given including every lesson and the pain that often comes with their teachings, for the just representation of all community. I listen, and listen, then listen some more -- allowing nature, spirituality, truth.. to be heard in my heart. To inquire deeply within me then even deeper, without me, that I may speak with the voices of so many who can't be here to speak for themselves woven into the harmony of words singing straight through my heart..

So in Gratitude!!  
I wield this power of privilege..  through the power of the pen.. and begin to unpack and share my perspective on the Salish Sea Bioneers Conference 2016.

These are the voices I choose to hear, the people with experiences and wisdom that are actively contributing to the creation of a more just and equitable world for all beings. That are dropping masks, refusing to dip their perspectives in honey before sharing them, and getting, really REAL, y'all.

Some with whom I have had the joy of working already, some whom I've admired and appreciated from afar til now, and so many more beautiful new friends and storytellers as well opened hearts, minds, hands and guts to one another.

Let me begin by saying.. Every topic that is so personally relevant under the microscope of my own family life and my work in communities at this time, was revealed in the larger conference context to be presently emergent as well.  

Zarna Joshi of Rising Tide Seattle, Earthship Seattle,
and ShellNo Action Council delivers a keynote address
that brought race, culture, and privilege center stage.
Brilliant speakers, esteemed peers, enthusiastic students who were often the greatest teachers.. we didn’t just touch on subjects, we seriously danced with them.  

And maybeee, stepped on some toes or took an elbow..  yet with such grace and power do we grow for the experience, yah?  

I am so incredibly grateful for every single of one of the attendees making the choices to be so emergently present together, being real, naming what’s in the room, then working through it.  

This is social permaculture. And even though there's a lot of sitting.. these are workshops - we came here to work, on ourselves, on behalf of our communities and the planet. Instead of gardens or structures, during this time together we gathered the materials for strong people, knocked down a few walls, built ourselves out with a little more space to grow, and in the process, lifted each other up.

Here are some of my highlights in this first post, people I'm looking forward to staying connected to, deepening relations with, and supporting their projects through collaboratory initiatives:

Lillian Hewko reached in and grabbed my heart, bringing
tears to my eyes with her presentation on incarcerated parents.

Heather Elder is back from the 1100 mile bicycle journey she completed this year with her team on 'The Road to Athabasca".  Heather also produces collective art projects for direct actions and facilitated our shedding snake mural!
I'm not even sure where to begin with expressing my appreciation and adoration of Michael Maine. He brings an artistic elegance into the room, then compassionate kindness flows from his heart and everything you see becomes more beautiful.
Naim Ferguson and his sweet daughter..  so happy this event is transgenerational (inter/multi/polygenerational, too!)
Something told me to check in with Naim, find out what he's dreaming up..  its..  ROWing.  Canoe Voyages..  oh my.
Cristina Orbe, musician, artist, songwriter, facilitator, and co-founder of FEEST.. wonderful woman weaving wanders..
I met Vicki Robin at Imagine Orcas Island this year and was thrilled to reconnect through Bioneers..  looking forward
to putting together a local food challenge project to map out the farmers and food sources for our communities!
Antonio joins the Cascadian delegation in Paris for the Climate Talks..  another RAD alignment:
The Ragtags Against Doom --  Love Love Love this!!  
So much ..  muchness .. in this Salish Sea.  Represented at our Bioneers Conference by real people .. living, breathing, feeling, raw and emotional, powerful people taking action with their life's breath to pray, to speak out, to share.  
We have come so far, and still have far to go.  
How far?  Two feet. ;)
How long until we get 'there'? 
Well, we are already 'here' ..  so let's add that 't' .. 
and be here, Together.
When? Why, Now, of Course.  

As people we come with adjectives, words and descriptors that were given to us and that we accepted and then ascribed meaning to based on our limited view of experience and access to information.

Women, Men, Children..  these are labels.
White, Black, Red, Colored..  these are labels.

We Change..   by expanding our view.. by welcoming in new perspectives.
Diverse Perspectives.

I am so humbled, so grateful..   so honored and privileged..

To have shared this experience with this beautifully diverse community of people
at this incredible institute of learning and stewardship.

And to share it with you.

These two...  Zarna Joshi and Antonio Zamora... well, the picture says more than I ever can.  Look what WE are doing
in Cascadia!!  I have so much to reflect upon from this weekend with these powerful humans at the forefront of change.
So many of these people are already woven together in projects - we've made our tapestry stronger for the experience we shared here this weekend, and will continue to connect and support one another's work here in the region, and globally as well..  many more stories to come.. collaborations to collectivize ..  and OH!!

Hylo!!   Taking the work online of course, since we can't always be together in the forest or at other events throughout our region..  connect with me here..  let's do AWESOME together.  Join one of the communities I'm organizing there by entering the applicable code:  "osa" for Our Sacred Acres, "salishsea" for Salish Sea Bioneers, or "dreamdance" to join the DreamGeneration movement!

I want to end with gratitude to Alex Garland for his photojournalism of the event, which has allowed me to easefully tell you all a lot with just a few pictures, words, and links.

And also to acknowledge and thank the peoples of the place where we gathered..  thank you to the Lower Skagit nations, thank you to the ancestors and thank you again to Paul Che Oke Ten Wagner for sharing the light, the stories, the wisdom of these lands and peoples with all of us who came together for this time, this work, this purpose.

click here to hear Paul tell the Mermaid story at Water Sines Symposium 2013

All things come from the earth and the sky.  
And so too will we return..  
May all our days here be cleansed in light,
And our dreams be sweet in the night.

Go to the water..