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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Dani's Birthday Wish

I wish...  to be free.

I wish to keep giving my services to the people, places, and projects that are rocking this planet with purpose, in prayer and in practice.

What do I need to do that?  Not much, really, I already have most of it.  And the biggest thing I put on my list, having my charges from Standing Rock dropped, has already been granted!

In order to keep doing what I do, I need to replace some technology tools and restore communication services.  

Instead of a coffee, lunch, new shoes, or a spa certificate, please help me get back online for my birthday:


My computer, headphones and mic, battery chargers, cables, cards and drives were all stolen from me and after going without for some time, I need to get back in connectivity, and back to writing and storytelling..  soon!

So my birthday is next Thursday, September 14th.  I was born in 1969 (at 6:54 am, Southfield MI, in case you want my chart ;) ).  This will be my 48th annual celebration, and I thank you in advance for helping me finish my Wish List!  

Click for >>Dani's Birthday Giving<<
Thank you!

DreamGeneration - Generating the Power Today
To Build Our Dreams of Tomorrow
 Wish Part Two: YOU  

Please take a moment to let me know you are still in it out there! 

Remind me that we connected on some topic, met at some time in some space, and the story is still being written... 

As a weaver of the dreams, I am holding many threads that connect people to places and projects, and it's time to start tying up these loose ends.

I also invite and welcome all feedback, anything that comes up which you can reflect to me.  Feel free to just skip to bottom, only share what you wish!

We are already doing this, together..
through many networking projects (like NuMundo)
at many places (like Cascadia or Costa Rica)
with many people (like, You).

I encourage you, regardless of what you may or may not have to offer.. 

Do ask for what you need and set intentions with your words.  The more clearly you share, the more precise your prayer! :)  

Sending my own prayers for future generations out as well, for healthy and vibrant learning ecosystems that our children and grandchildren will grow up living, learning, and loving in.

My daughter taking my grandson to his first day of school.
Love you Loki, from Mimah!

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