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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lucid Vibes, Black Sheep, and #Permafesticulture

A year of silence on this blog, but not elsewhere...

I've been pretty active in the world doing my thing and have a few stories to share here from all around the globe!

Permaculture and Festival Culture have been my jam for a decade now, uniting people in celebratory action to evolve the 'leave no trace' ethic to something.. better.  To leaving a place better, for our having been there.

In the past couple months I've been working on some new collaborations to take on-the-ground actions to new heights.  From the Ground up we will build it, sings Ayla Nereo..  

Well, our roots are strong, our mycelial networks are exchanging information, nutrients, resources, we are more connected than ever and we are BUILDING it, together.

One of those collaborations is the "Building Blocks of Community" with Lucid Vibe Radio, an emerging voice in the macroscopic cultural narrative.  This co-creative media project is in it's beta and  you can hear me streamed there on Monday nights at 6pm Eastern Time.  

The premiere episode of my show there, The Village Portal, is now available for replay.  In it I speak with my beloved friend Nina von Feldmann in a segment titled "Medicine of the Matriarchs", and we lay the foundation for collaborating again in the future!

Here is a sneak peak at a recent episode not yet available anywhere else...  Do check it out below - it's a good one with super valuable and useful information.

You'll hear about many other collaborations that have grown up from these deep roots, and are now fruiting and spreading their seeds of opportunity!

>>Click here and settle in for storytime<< 

Synopsis and Links:

Our second episode of The Village Portal with DaniBelle features the voice of Sara Czarniecki in a delightful dialogue on regenerative resource management in Costa Rica, the (r)evolution of economics, and #permafesticulture - the intersections of permaculture and festival culture, technology and the jungle.

Description:  A short storytime introduction to this weeks feature “Transmissions from the Mobile Intersection”, a segment that delves into the future of job creation and economics through restorative land stewardship practices on the ground, and accountable technology innovations on the Blockchain.  

We wrap up this weeks episode with The Village ABC’s and a few special announcements!
This weeks story centers the ABC’s of Allies, Borders & Culture. Dani shares a look back at the transition from Standing Rock to Costa Rica, letting go of all that’s been and been thought to come, and receiving only when truly emptied.

Episode 2 Links:
Global Forest Watch and a Costa Rica Reforestation study by the United Nations University

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