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Friday, December 19, 2014

Barefoot Tree Medicine

Meet Oestre..  the mama tree of OSA, at center.

She's been standing at the top of this ridge for who knows how long..  I'm not sure how to date a tree, and I can only repeat what I've been told about this place which is that it was one of the very early old growth harvests in the county, so the stumps such as that handsome fella in the foreground have been feeding the forest floor for around 100 years.

Oestre was probably just a li'l sapling at the time, there's another nearly gone OG (old growth) stump to her left and it's clear there was one big mama there before HER time.. it's a fine cedar lineage here on this ridge above Panther Creek.

People have been coming to OSA to visit me, to visit she, and to visit other trees here ever since I was called to steward the land and it's inhabitants such as these.  I receive requests weekly to come over and 'sit with a tree', other requests come with a tale of gratitude for having already had the experience.  The music, the bonfire, the communing is what brings the people..  the trees are what teach and call them back for more.
Don't Just Bring Your Camera - 
Bring Your Photographer!

You want to be IN these images..  the trees and dappling sunlight love to dance with you and they've already struck a pose.  An acro-yogi's dream and aerialist's delight, the graceful cedar curves and cushy forest carpet await your bare foot climbing, with secrets to whisper in your soles.  

Of which we have.. FOUR. Two of which have opposable thumbs!!  So put down the computer, the phone, the camera, the bags, and step out of your shoes.. because you know the first thing that happens after that?

You start to pay.. attention.

Sunshine and Shadow
Work and Play
Mountain and Valley
Night and Day

come on out to play 
in the woods, say the trees... 
the soil underfoot craves 
your springy step, please!

the ferns and the moss, 
the needles and leaves
are waving and dancing 
on pine-scented breeze.

Dani Belle and Karen Joy practice Qi Gong with Trees 
on Our Sacred Earth Gym.

Karen Fletcher offers Earth Gym Training at Green Lake 

Our Sacred Earth Gym at OSA launches in 2015 with Dani Belle..

And sometimes 
with both 
Dani Belle 
Karen Joy, 

or all THREE of us!!

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