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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future

A celebration of our many villages at Cascadia NW Arts & Music Fest.

What is a Village?

People, in Places, Doing Projects... Together.

Our Sacred Acres (OSA), located in the Coast Salish/ Snohomish Valley of NW Washington State, is more than these three acres for which my legal entity has assumed responsibility.

OSA is more than just a place!

It’s a hub in our village, with many spokes and persons and councils that spiral out geographically and energetically.  It is also all our neighbors and the neighboring lands, it is the waters that move through her and bubble out of the mountain-fed springs to fill our well, and as much as all that, Our Sacred Acres is the people who’ve labored (for love) here.  It has become what you brought, what you got, and it goes with each of those people to the next place and project, rippling out that frequency of hOMe.

This place, and each person that carries that village experience outward and right back in again, are but one tiny little fractal of what’s possible and emergent in stewardship of the astonishingly beautiful, natural gifts here on this planet of which we are ALL caretakers. One place in time and space of many in this global village, (re)inhabited by people who consciously choose to show up here and participate now in community. 

People just like me and you!


The above is an excerpt from my story in ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future, a multi-media book and online resource hub co-created by an alliance of coalition partners contributing their knowledge and perspectives to foster thriving projects, organizations, and communities.

My entry is in the Community Land Projects section, and I am so honored to be included in this incredible collection.

Rare! Limited run, first edition print.. with my name spelled wrong ;)
Get your copy here, only 17 left as of this blog posting!!
WE are h'artists, authors, innovators, visionaries, activists, solutionaries, organizers... change makers!

The twelve areas of focus addressed by this project are:
Heart of Community
Health & Healing
Art & Culture
Learning & Education
Regional Resilience
Inhabiting the Urban Village
Community Land Projects
Holistic Event Production
Living Economy
Media & Storytelling
Appropriate Technology
Whole Systems Design
It's a physical and virtual compendium of what is emergent in community development and earth activism; stories that tell of what is happening right now...  and everyone involved has given their all to produce this in order to share it..
With you.
My eternal gratitude, admiration, and deepest respect to the curator of this massive project, dear sister Jai Ma, Jamaica Stevens... 

And the entire team that dedicated themselves to presenting this village of voices, speaking from the h'art of Gaia herself. 
We've been on this journey for years, lifetimes within this lifetime even, with utility belts on, pulling wrenches from the machine and building the dream..  together. 
The tools and templates crafted by our worldwide community and contained in this collaborative project come from a vast cross-section of local and global actions, woven together into a holistic roadmap..  a blueprint for building our legacy as the generation present on the planet to steward us through these shifting times.
My contribution to this project is incredibly compact at this moment - such a brief overview of this labor of love known to all as OSA, or Our Sacred Acres!  And yet, the power is in the relationships between the people who are sharing of themselves so fully - presenting the gift of our purposeful presence in these simple words and images as an offering to anyone who has dreamed of the possibilities entertained within them.
I started blogging here as The Office Mystic in June of 2011... that was when I realized.. I AM an artist, I AM a writer.
And today, I AM published, productive, and positively ecstatic to still be in that flow!!


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