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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A tool belt is way more useful than a charm bracelet. Way.

What is the tool I now add to my belt in 2011, what weapon will this peace warrior wield during her next cycle of growth?  I climb the mountain once more and see ancestors materialize from the woods, walking beside and around me in silent support..  this strengthens my will and also makes me feel a bit sheepish, as it isn't the first time I've climbed and asked, and each time it's yet another tool for that same job I came here to do in the first place.  These feelings balance though – it seems that letting go of those inadequacies, forgiving yourself and others for being so damned human, and humbly asking for assistance once more are the three pillars upon which a new level of understanding can be constructed.

Another year, another strategic view from the windswept upper slope of the wheel, this time a little bit higher as the hub rises, and yes, another tool has been forged in the fiery depths then cooled in the waters of the west and handed to me with that glint of an all-knowing eye.  Reading through old journals, web accounts, poems and letters..  it's funny that all my life, I've known this is what I'd be doing is writing, translating, communicating in some fashion.  And as I wind my way back and forth through the moves and trends, the lifestyle transitions, the endless evolution of self, it feels like coming home again and again to what really resonates for me, and what gift it is that I offer to the world. 

Then that world crashes around me again too, burying my faith in my gift, and even my conviction that it was ever my gift in the first place.  Faith is a flighty creature, best not grasped by the feathers for off she will fly - instead we are reminded to make a safe nest in our hearts for her to willingly roost there. So, I analyze the hesitations, carefully weigh out the costs, and pause to speculate at what could be at the bottom of my fears that keep me from opening the gates.  That once the flow has started it will never stop?  That once the cat gets out of the bag the as-yet unseen torturers will be even more terrifying than anticipated?   The ideas have already been conceived long before any of us here now were born.  But we are all birthing them now which means suffering through the labor that goes with them - perhaps persecution, probably plenty of getting picked on.  Funny..  fear of failure doesn't seem to be in my repertoire though.. so here we go!!

In the past, I've received the books, I've absorbed the words, I've even built these websites!   This year my gift is the pen.  I must begin writing for realz now! ;)   Not just jotting notes, phrases, ideas and plans anymore but real contracts, actual agreements, and definitive documents - the compilation of all those scraps and fragments into a substantive body of work.   So how will I use this pen?  Here are my key writing deliverables:

1.)    The Office Mystic.  I will be using this blog to plan and plot and prepare and promote my PERSONAL endeavor – me, Danielle..   Being Danielle..  Becoming Danielle.  All the other titles, tags and adjectives used herein describe various reality-tunnels I inhabit during regular rounds through the time-space continuum ;)
2.)    Our Sacred Acres.  I will continue to leverage the spaces and OSA offerings to promote and facilitate the LOCAL flow of energy and matter between neighbors.  To cultivate the vision of an off-grid and sustainable residence and unschooling sanctuary that will further raise awareness of our interconnected human nature, I will maintain the OSA website with both accurate info for engaging agents and timely event listings to which I can point all other postings for full details.  The site will serve in that 2nd capacity until Mercury’s Outpost is more fully developed as an interactive Exchange. 
3.)    Mercury’s Outpost.  I will actively seek partnerships in developing an online free agent collective, for the creation of a LIVING LIBRARY of local agents, events and offerings in the spheres of interrelated communities that exist all around us.  And I will continue to champion development of Mercury’s Outpost web pages for self-management of exchange agents, community contributions and event sign-ups.
4.)    Contractual agreements.  Everything  - words, services, and stuff – has value that is specifically negotiated between giver and receiver, often unconsciously.  To raise consciousness of all that we receive and to prevent undervaluing our own gifts,  I will write an agreement for all exchanges I enter into, and those I’m already in, too. Then I will follow up to ensure it is reviewed and accepted, and if the agreement is violated, I will hold parties accountable as stated.

One’s garbage is another’s gold – every exchange is a contract between free agents, and as such must be written in consensual language and accepted for VALUE by each person.  This is especially true when giving things away instead of selling them! 

P.S.  Two ‘rules’ have been passed down for membership in the free agency club:  1.) Do what you say you will do; and 2.) Don’t make shit up.  Like, don’t say you can do it when you don’t know for sure you can do it.  For sure.  So if you’re not sure, and it turns out you can’t do it, did you agree on what to do instead, too?  I can help you with that.. let’s write it down together.  With my new pen.  >~_^<

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