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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Desire for Escape as Catalyst for Transformation

Looking at the calendar on my wall yesterday entitled "Tropical Escape", my mind locked onto the word 'Escape'.  I know I've felt that urge to run, to leave it all behind and start over somewhere else, and I've also had the rug pulled out beneath me so I HAD to leave what I'd known to start over, aand..  more rarely in the past but with increasing frequency, I've opened myself to possibilities by making a great and difficult change and soon after been greatly rewarded by a knock at the door from Opportunity.

It occurred to me that when I did used to travel regularly and 'go on vacations', it was mostly about going TO a new and exciting destination rather than getting away FROM where I am (nowadays of course, vacations are about how to use the time off work I have to attend weddings, births and birthdays, and visit far-away friends).

But the train of thought continued, and I came to see what makes me a little different than most when it comes to going somewhere else versus getting away from here.  It may be my Virgo overly-analytical tendencies, but when I experience something uncomfortable, I am compelled to examine it for why I feel discomfort.. then look for a solution to that cause.   

So I don't desire an escape from myself, my job, my home etc.  I look for what is making me uncomfortable with the intention to change it.  Then take action to transform them with beauty into places I love, and love to be.  Escape from yourself in another (person, place, thing) can only be temporary - you will eventually find yourself there too.  so if you are feeling the need to escape..  really.. your discomfort is calling for change! 

Not sure what to change, or how?  Try starting with simply speaking your truth.  Really call it like you see it, be specific and state what you want to see different, and align your actions with that intent.  Invite others to do the same for you, perhaps by telling you something they don't think you know about yourself.  Express your inner beauty creatively, and share the products of your own creativity through engaging in exchange with your neighbors.

And especially - Pass on to others the things you love but don't need anymore, and make room for the opportunities of new experiences.  Whole new worlds will open up for you simply through these small acts of change.  And Opportunity will knock at your door, too :)

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