Our Sacred Acres - Home of the Office Mystic and other Misfits

Thursday, February 23, 2012


The story, the stories
The stories of our youth and our fantasies, our climbs, our falls and our foibles
Each story multilayered, multipetaled and multifaceted
With a seed of knowledge that grows into a tree of understanding with time and experience, and love
Each article a limb, a leaf, a tendril; and each artifact, a memory of that moment in your story
We thank the story by sharing it, by passing it on and releasing it, so it may live again in another life
It is matter that matters.. and yet truly it is the story that matters.. it transcends time and place, eternal
To honor our story and the stories of those who’ve been woven into ours by silken grandmother threads, we give away, and in so doing create new life – as we create space for our new story.


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