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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bricolage - Collective Wisdom, Spontaneously Applied

Making something out of nothing..  Wisdom grows in Community   It's A COLLECTIVE Process.

Let the body set the pace

When you love someone, idiosyncracies become endearments.
What would otherwise be a source of annoyance, in love is cherished with affection.
Imagine if, instead of searching for that one person to pour all our love into
We fell in love with the world
and all would be in love with ourself.

Here we are, together falling into the soul of the world
while her heart is breaking
We shall be a part of that brave new world
Just as those who've come before and gone after
tremble within each of us.

Laugh out loud, and the world laughs with you
Love yourself, and the world falls in love with you

Our Earth Gym:
meditative movement hikes
attune your body rhythms
with the flow of nature

Sonosphere Healing Experience:
immerse your soul, and bathe
in sound and light frequencies
that resonate with the earth's core

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