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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On Deepening our Enjoyment of Life as a mission

Soul Dancing Requires Balance   


Hello, hello, my loves and dears
and all the kindred soles
I've been wondering hither and yonder
in and out of rabbit holes
Balancing the home life the work life the team
Rowing the family boat gently down the stream
Complexifying reality and manifesting dreams!

I think the big deal with a mission statement is that it's written down.
One of these days, we're gonna actually sit down and write one.  As soon as we know who we are ;)  

Writers Retreat - Bloggery, Beanstalks and Bees

One of those we's, besides me's, is OSA's resident writing intern, Jessica 'Apple Seidhr'..  check out her blog, The Beanstalk and the Bee, where she lovingly crafts the stories that are unfolding here at Our Sacred Acres, and elsewhere in her adventures.  Writing has been one of the undeveloped aspects of our sanctuary in the woods, and with this Spring Equinox we are changing that..  stay tuned to these blogs for the stories of an evolving network of people and places that are growing together here in Snohomish!

It's been ages since I've written and the whole time, I've been.. well, meaning to! I just keep putting it off through distraction.  All.  My. Life.  >~_^<   Seriously, each time I shore up a boundary, get it clear and defined then along comes an even bigger distraction that has located the weakness, found the little girl inside with her finger in the hole, and held out a purple balloon.

 Every time I set up my computer, gather my notebooks, get the internet and phone connections fired up, and sit down to start working - wham!  If it isn't something in my mind, it's something I stepped in, smelled, or swept under the rug when company was coming.  I could fill a year of blogs with the amazing tales of just how ridiculous the distractions that show up can be - seriously it's like trying not to think of the StayPuft Marshmallow Man.

New Energies blow in like Mary Poppins

A dear friend arrived on my couch yesterday morning (as is wont to happen :), and after observing and listening and giggling a lot over the last day and a half, she dug up a tarot deck and brought me the Devil Card.  Flipping through a tarot book I tracked down in the Outpost's lending library, my eyes caught this reference to that card:
"The Devil may be a statement that it is time for you to throw off the obstacles that are preventing your living more fully and deeply, that you need to tend to your soul needs rather than your material concerns." (*)

The Solar Wheel, Astrology & Tarot

So first of course, being the Vernal Equinox, one of the 8 Sabbats and 4 quarters of the year, I pulled 5 cards to do a star reading, a spread designed to help you navigate the next turn of the wheel.  While shuffling, the Temperance card got stuck to my hand, so I welcomed her energy and set her aside (showing in upper left corner of the image) for the draw.
"..like the alchemists of old, you are mixing the streams of the spiritual and the material in a positive way, creating new forms... You have patience and can accommodate disparate elements - whether they are raw materials, resources, personnel, or ideas - into a harmonious whole."

In a star spread, the 1st card (bottom left) represents the Stranger, something that is next up for integration on your path.  I pulled the 10 of Cups, which symbolizes people living harmoniously together, sharing their love and their lives unconditionally. This card is so favorable, that it's appearance in a reading can offset any negative cards in a spread.  Not a bad start  at all!! 

The 2nd card at top (cards go in order of drawing a star) is the Self - where you are now.  I got the 8 of Cups, which represent effort that was made in vain and now needs to be abandoned. Apparently, I am in a situation where the only solution is to turn my back on it, or go in another direction.  Either because it isn't working as expected, or it just isn't important any more

Bottom right is the Friend that shows up in this time to support you, here is where the 5 of Pentacles showed up for me. Amusingly, this card suggests money problems, and is the only card of the Pentacles that has a basic negative connotation.  aFor my present life choices etc., this may seem ironic yet is quite spot on. 

The next card, 9 of Wands at upper left, represents your family where you will first bring the Stranger, and the final card is the world in which you will be moving through to finally integrate the Stranger. The Tower card shows up for the World, which totally follows the flow of this reading! The Tower is often interpreted as catastrophic, however it really simply represents the overthrow of false beliefs, of old habits that need to be released. 

How Many Ways Do I Have To Say It??

K, okay!  Enough already with the pokes and the prods and divine messages and the synchronicities, I surrender.  What will be, will be, 'kay Sarah? Sir Ra.  And in the meantime, I finally turn to my best old friend, the word.

How many TIMES have I said this?  I'm out of fingers and toes.. and really, it doesn't matter how many times we get up and do it again.. it's as many times as it takes to get the lesson, right?    Each time I've fallen back asleep, I wake up again to falling out of Wonderland (often with a bump or bruise to show for it), with expanded vision, and I  can see what I (l)earned -- something needed for the next chapter, the next line, the next word.

The statement from that devilish card is ringing around me - especially, the material concerns.  I am forever engaged in this business of exchange, and knowing energy to be both service and stuff, it still baffles me how the more I energy I put into this mission of Mercury's Outpost, the more matter is drawn to me, and the less it matters to me. 

I know, full well, that words matter.

The words we use create what we see about us, bring into existence the immaterial thoughts behind them on this physical plane. 

And when I don't use my voice, don't tell of the visions, elaborate on the intimate details, share the delight of the whimsical aesthetic in the order of things, if I don't write the stories that are offering to unfold, they sighhhh off into a whisper, and disappear with the vapors of a dream.

"I am Mercury,
Messenger of the Gods
the Divine Witness
of stars and starlight,
the God of Curiosity and Childhood.
As the Divine Herald,
the fastest, shrewdest, an
most cunning of the gods,
I have been blessed with laser perception
and a golden tongue.
I am the great Mediator
reconciling all opposites,
since I see and understand
all points of view
and can explain them
always in continuous motion,
watching and collecting,
remembering and forgetting
as the Universal Transmitter.
I connect the spiritual and material
worlds, exchanging messages
and information from both,
reflecting the face of desire
or Light of the Spirit
with the speed of thought.
I am the Divine Weaver
of the Enchanted Loom of the Stars.
I weave the fabric of the universe
connecting separate realities
spread out in a sea of space
into coherent, exquisitely intricate designs
of meaningful networks
and vibrant connections.
Child of the Wind God
I zoom back and forth
at dazzling speed
from one forgotten edge of the universe
to another, threading
moment to moment.
I am the Cosmic Connector.
I am the connection to the heavens.
Lord of Divine Books,
I am the Scribe of the Universe.
I record all events seen and unseen,
all trade, travel, progress,
all knowledge, skill, communication.
I am Master of Disguises;
a joker, a chameleon,
a Thief of secrets;
nothing remains hidden from me.
Guide of Poets and Souls in Transition, I am your Cosmic Connection,
your lifeline to the universe;
Use me.
I activate potentials
in every nerve, cell and atom.
Without me there would only be
incomprehensible abstract:
a void, which I alone
make vibrant with life force.
Use me."

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