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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Attracting Stuff - Magnetic is the 1st of 13 Tones in the Dreamspell

The Office Mystic is a White Magnetic Jaguar Wizard, and "Magnetic" is what today's story is about.
Magnetic tone
Magnetic tone
Action: Attracting - Essence: Purpose - Power:  Unify
Magnetics are the activators and the initiators of the wavespell and the powers of creation. You are an attractor of creative energy and power. You bring people together around you, catalyze movement and make things happen.

I have had a story of stuff running through my life and even when I outran it across the country, leaving an entire house and garage to Salvation Army 7 years ago, here I find myself after 5 years at OSA with a house, garage, and shop full of STUFF.  Stuff that has been given in exchange for support, for staying here, stuff that has just been left here because people who brought it didn't take it with them, stuff that has outlived it's usefulness here, stuff that quite simply, isn't being used.

So my intention this month is to create the forums to pass on as much as possible that is re-useful and can either be gifted, exchanged, auctioned, or otherwise re-purposed.  This goes hand in hand with the ongoing intention of Mercury's Outpost, to support the development of self-sustain-able enterprises for our home lands and the people who tend them.

What I've come to realize is that I hold a sacred container here, and the container is meant to be a vessel through which energy FLOWS..   thus, the role of Facilitator of Flow is a vital component of my being.  We have done marvelous work already!  Volunteering at countless gatherings, networking and building healthy relations in the communities, and channeling in the flow of resources, of matter and of the immaterial as well.  

Our next step is channeling that flow back OUT in a way that allows all members to participate. Through bringing community together, for the receiving of our offerings, we facilitate ways to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation via creative self expression. 

Always coming from the heart and using our head and hands in balance allows us to continue to maintain, develop, and nourish the spaces and people that come together for sacred experiences of wellness, oneness, and wonder.

More on the Dreamspell calendar:  

1 MAGNETIC unify purpose attract
2 LUNAR polarize challenge stabilize
3 ELECTRIC activate service bond
4 SELF EXISTING define form measure
5 OVERTONE empower radiance command
6 RHYTHMIC organize equality balance
7 RESONANT channel attunement inspire
8 GALACTIC harmonize integrity model
9 SOLAR pulse intention realize
10 PLANETARY perfect manifestation produce
11 SPECTRAL dissolve  liberation release
12 CRYSTAL dedicate cooperation universalize
13 COSMIC endure presence transcend

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