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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Crop Mobbing at Skipley Farm


Was this a month ago already, I mean, has it really been a month since... whoa!  Lunar cycle be blessed, here we are again, eh?

I got to re-pot blueberries at Skipley Farm (photo at left from WA Young Farmers Coalition blog) with some great folks on Crop Mob day.  It was so synchronicitously beautiful to see this event come full circle.

Another dream and collective vision manifested here on our home lands!

Washington Young Farmers Coalition and the Tilth Producers of Washington have teamed up to bring Crop Mobs to farms around the state, and Sound Convergence played an active role in bringing this first event of the year to Skipley Farm.  Gil Schieber, Tesla Gift, Chris Homanics, Tea Lopez, and many others keep the farm running and worked very hard to prepare for the incoming hands and hearts that worked the soil then warmed by the fire with a meal that combined potluck gifts with farm kitchen staples.

Please be sure to check the sites above for upcoming Crop Mobs, perhaps near you :)

I got to have great conversation with some amazing collaborators in the food forestry field including Jackie Cramer, who coordinates educational activities around the Beacon Hill Food Forest which has gained so much notoriety around the country.

Check out the story on BuzzSaw with Jesse Ventura, then see how YOU can get involved with urban permaculture and agricultural forestry in your own own back yard, too.

Skipley Farm is the original WalkTo Farm - a concept from Farmer Gil that plans to plant nodes in neighborhoods everywhere.

Stay Attuned,

More to come on this unfolding story..

Big Love,



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