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Saturday, June 08, 2013

5/23/13 - the last sliver of this past full moon wanes tonight


That was the full moon over OSA on 5/23 .. sweeping, intense changes these several lunar cycles, just as expected and predicted based on my birth chart and the current transits.

Transits = Transitions 

A myriad of fractal reflections are making the unknown unknowns ...  WELL KNOWN.   Once a duality is OBSERVED in ACTION ..  it can be polarized, integrated, transformed.. it's shape, shifted.

My shapes have been shifting, thanks to an influx of PISCEAN influence..  this Earthen Goddess was getting parched and the waters were so welcome..  felt great to swim again, and a good reminder for me to protect the purity of my environment.

It's Saturday, June 8th, Happy New Moon in Gemini.  please check out my STELLAR SISTAR Gneiss Moon's blog, our charts are so similar that it often feels like her reflections are my own... and right when I need to hear from myself most!!  ;)

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