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Friday, June 07, 2013

The camp cats have occupied my office

Mercury and Pluto have become quite the .. well, the planets they are ..  around OSA.  They made lots of friends at the Wild Life Human Gathering this past weekend, leaping out of the forest at guests comfortably settled onto the hobbit hole outhouse (also known as the outdoor petting throne) and cruising the campfire circle for cuddles.

Some of you may know that they are daredevil kamikaze stunt kittens, reborn back into the family to hang here for a few more spins through the galaxy.  They were Marklar and Oliver last time around >~_^<

mercury conjunct pluto
Air and Water - Your Rational Mind unites with their Renewal

Being all Earthy Mirth Momma Virgo myself, these furry flowing entities really keep me moving, and also get me stuck as they suck me into the vortex of fuzzy purring snugglepet sessions!

Aahhh.. more distractions from writing are laid to rest, now that I have 'napdanced' the baby to sleep in his nest ( ha, I knew I was practicing for SOMEthing purposeful during those years!).
A napping Loki with little Eris, the Goddess of Chaos, watching o'er.

It's a heavenly peacefulness into which I now escape here, to write my 'brief introduction' for Mercury's Outpost.  I'm of course already late to get it to Terence...   and yet, undivided attention to the GrandSon for a spell (and a story or three) was worth the experience of putting him to sleep for a few hours..building sound habits for resting daily is coming along WELL.

How do these cats always know to lay down where I am going?   Mercury does not give up a seat easily. Communicates Clearly with his Body Language.

 OK .. here's what I've drafted as the answer to:

What is Mercury's Outpost (MOx)? 

“A Washington state registered membership association, a collective of crafters who practice receiving and gifting of the skills, services, stuff, and stories that support our interdependent self-sustenance abilities and constellate stewardship of the home lands we tend.

An Association for Living Light, Mercury's Outpost works with a diverse range of organizations in the Puget Sound zone of the Cascadian bioregion, centered in the Snohomish River valley.  We sponsor spaces and facilitate activities in the community that bring people together for the purpose of conscious energy exchange...  creating the set and setting for intentional collective experiences.

All energetic expressions are contributed to the association for the  that honors the cyclical, symbiotic, and harmonic relationships between all beings, for the purpose of earth stewardship and self discovery adventures for those within and without the body.”

What does the MOx Association do?

Mercury's Outpost operates under three separate trade names, collectively known as MOx. 

Mercury's Outpost and Roadshow  - the Outpost as a place, with stuff in it that has been gifted and not yet re-homed.  And the stuff that can be taken to other places for gifting/re-homing.

Mercury's Outpost Collective & Qi Exchange - the members of the collective body that engage in exchange, either receiving what's been given or giving what we have extra or need to practice.

Mercury's Outpost Presents - the event design, integration, coordination, facilitation, and resource management team that collaborates with entities on the production of guided collective experiences. 

There..  there's that, for a start...  gets progress done towards re-homing the Snohomish Mutual Credit System.   The OM knows, it's the kinder way to pay...  have you signed up yet?

We have everything we need.. .  all the tools are here for us to use with integrity, intention, and... practice.  ;).

  Now, Memaw Dani needs a nap, too.  >~_^<
Outdoor nest with a view off Goat Hill..  happy napping!

Much Love!

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