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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

My Marvelous & Magnificent Memoirs - AKA (affectionately known as) My Life As a Cat

Ohhhhh...  deep inhale....   Myyyyyyyyyyyyyy exhale!

So much to report, so many moments of magic, connections of collaboration, discourses of destiny.

I will begin with the game changer, yah?  I, Danielle Gennety, am currently unemployed :) 

A REORGANIZATION at my fabulously most recent employer, Casey Family Programs, has PRESENTED me with the opportunity to START OVER. 

I Begin Again...   After 23 Years of IT, of Project Management, of Gainful Employment, of Financial Security in the Corporate and Non-Profit NGO Establishment that is HAVING A JOB..   to CO-CREATE a new WAY of LIFE that is Generative and REgenerative. <3

DaniBelle Dakini is coming into being after being dreamed into reality, and danced into life, and divinely inspired by our Momma Gaia consciousness Herself these last 7 Years in the State of Washington, the Bioregion of Cascadia, the Great Pacific Northwest, the Left Coast.

TA DAAaaaa !!!

SO!  Here come the blogs, here come the stories, here come the WORDS that are EMERGING as our new language of LOVE.

Feel free to comment, engage with me on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. as I know the content is sure to elicit inquiry.. and it's an experiment you know, this life experience adventure, so there are bound to be many untested hypotheses and whatnot of the scientifical methodologisms.

Well Come To The Wild Life...

Love, Dani

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