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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sanctuary of Temples

I wrote this post ages back it seems, and perhaps for right now, as I plan a sacred fire ceremony that will last for several days leading up to this August Full Moon.  I give you these words from the past.. then next week we will give up to the fire all that which cannot carry our dreams any longer.. and we will clear the land, bless it as a sanctuary, and build the temples, baby.


To deeply honor the truly sacred in all things, to walk in awareness that every step carries us toward our intention in this world and every breath sends our words as prayers into the uni-verse..

Our bodies, our homes, the lands we travel become temples to the integration of our humanity and divinity; temples of our masculinity and our femininity, our loves and our lessons, our full spectrum of polarities.

Through clarifying our way of being, we can continually evolve our unique expression of life through absorbing, organizing, and communicating the information accessed during experiences.

Intentionally choosing experiences and environments that facilitate the honoring of life in both sacred and silly context is a habit.. a practice.. that must be repeated cyclically with the encounter of newness, the exploration of your feelings and understanding, then the harvesting of understanding.

Ancient civilizations, cultures, have been practicing this since the beginnings of time by following the lunar and solar cycles..  new moon is the planting of seeds, the ceremonial statement of manifestation.  Giving of your gifts all month in energetic exchange with that objective held in your heart as a sigil of your intention that  builds up to the full moon celebration of what has been received.. whatever it is!

.. with gratitude and love.

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