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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Dream a little dream with me..

I dream big.

If I can dream it, and can envision it existing harmoniously in a more beautiful world, it is a possibility.

My dreams exist - I've brought them to life here on earth since I .. realized, I could.

So in a universe of possibilities..  inifinite possibilities..

What dream do you choose to bring to life?

Especially when your life.. is beautiful.  Life Is Beautiful!  When you've dreamed it, lived it, and 'had it all' .. and dreams have become a waking state where you create your own reality..  how do you dream of sharing that reality?

When your awareness expands, comprehends the experience of interconnectedness.. you see and feel how your dreams, thoughts, and actions have a profound impact on the lives of those around you and those that will come after us, too.  When you've practiced enough to know that your breath, your words carry your intentions as prayer, that when you speak your dreams - share them with the world - you breathe life into the shared dream by following through on it, with the support of those with whom you share it.

Following the lunar cycle of setting intentions with the new moon and letting them go at the full moon as a richly interconnected web of communities brings our dreams to a galactic level..  we begin dreaming with the whole of the universe, of a more beautiful world here on this third rock from the sun.

I've envisioned a world, and you have too, I know you have.. where clean and nutritious food is grown abundantly in neighborhoods, and shared with neighbors.  Fresh pure water is accessible and free to all because we all pay attention to how our use affects it, and we work together to ensure that all beings receive this gift equally. 

Our trees, backyards, community plots are tended with the intention of healing the wounds to our planet and thus to our own bodies, creating a nourishing environment for intergenerational connections based on a healthy and symbiotic exchange of energy. 

In this world, there are travelers - transporters - highly valued and sought after people who carry the skills, energy, and tools to build, maintain, and harvest these garden spaces, allowing us all to flourish from soil to soul.  Where this beautiful gardenship mother earth is cared for richly by those who are blessed to have the honorable and sacred responsibility to steward her.

In this world, we exchange with our neighbors through direct contact, and establish clear agreements on the manner in which our energies will be exchanged in whatever forms we find mutually compatible.  Gifting, bartering, local currency and government currency all complement one another as energy is valued in the present moment by the parties that have chosen to actively participate in the flow together.

WE have a DREAM.  And it starts with me.  And with you, and you, and you... to infinity <3

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