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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Office Mystic is Going Mobile?

My life changed, a lot, recently.

You chart a course, you get bumped off course, you get a leak in your fuel tank and have to change course, the world changes and your course doesn't exist anymore..   Looking back at my 44 years, I am so amazed and honored to see in review..  that while the course continually changes, the path I am on and the objectives I have always aimed for are still completely within view.

I charted a course for financial independence 23.5 years ago, when I chose to keep my baby.  This course has led through a very successful CAREER.. graduating at THE top of my class and receiving the ONLY position offered to my school by General Motors (contract, of course ;) ).  Capitalizing on opportunities presented to me based on my exemplary work allowed me to progress into very decent pay grades, even in Michigan, and to excel at my course for the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE.

And I gave my very best to each company and person that I worked for to earn new opportunities, and capitalized on my successes both at my work and in my relations, so I could give the child I delivered unto this Earth what I then believed to be that very best life possible.  To me, at that time, that meant owning a house in a 'good public school' district, owning a car that is insured and runs well, having the latest and greatest developing technologies, and nourishing the relationships with the many families that were united through her (and my) birth(s).

In 2006, the mountains called and brought me out to the Pacific Northwest from my Midwest  hometown in Michigan, and I brought my daughter here too, where she now raises my grandson.  The past 5 years here at OSA have been a wild ride, sharing my home and the property I steward with family, friends, couchsurfers, lovers, travelling gypsies, and really, any one who has come to me and needed a safe place to land and ground for a spell.

Any who know me, now or ever, know that my door has ALWAYS been open!  Any and all who show up at it, are gladly welcomed, heartily fed and watered, and offered a comfortable couch, pillow, blanket, coat, boots.. whatever is needed.

To honor and acknowledge and continue the practice of gifting I've done all my life, I founded and have been operating Mercury's Outpost, a gifting association, and have been working in partnership with the Women of Wisdom Foundation, Womens Summer Solstice Camp, Sacred Groves, 3231 Creatives, Northwest Natural Design LLC, The Evolver Network, Skipley Farm, Tribal Convergence Network (Sound Convergence), Fetch Newspaper, Snohomish Mutual Credit System, DreamDance, and many other related entities both individual and groups throughout these years.  Giving freely of my energy, resources, time and materials, I openly share my life, my time and energy, and the fruits of endeavors undertaken throughout it.

I give whatever I have..   which, because of that CAREER, has often been money.  If I'm going to a show, I buy several tickets and invite friends.  Events where I am volunteering or have purchased a vending or workshop space, I get extra tickets and give them to those who are willing to come help, or buy a ticket for someone that will greatly benefit from the experience.   I used to buy rounds of drinks .. then I bought groceries and hosted dinners, bonfire parties, birthday parties, new moon, full moon, moon into Leo, Beltane, Solstice, music festivals, science workshops, artist retreats, drum circles, and 'just because I love you' gatherings.

This practice has been part of who I am since I was child, growing up as the oldest of three sisters with a great desire to keep the peace -- and, avoid the punishments usually deployed upon all three for any infraction by a one.  I've been instilled with, or perhaps born with, a purposeful desire to provide whatever it takes to get together, to get things done together and to do GOOD together. If I had what it took, then I gave it... UNCONDITIONALLY.

It has been my experience that through living my life in this way, all that I need, will too be provided.  So, the ultimate question these last few months for me has been:  What do I really need?  And even more significant, what am I attached to.. that I don't really need in order to fulfill my soul's purpose WHILE being fully self responsible - and sovereign - on the journey.

What I need .. is to live my life.. in alignment with the vision.. to actively give my gifts.. the skills acquired through a CAREER that I still LOVE, by the way.. toward the creation of the more beautiful world.. our hearts KNOW is possible... in which we all have the opportunity to receive healthy food, clean water, safe shelter..  and to live in harmonious existence with one another.. and our planet.

So.. I'm going to do it NOW.  Seven years after coming to Washington, to discover what it is to be a Cascadian, I now hear a call to go South.. to Central America.   Guatemala, to be specific, at Christmas time, to continue to community development project management work I've volunteered on for years and now dedicate myself to for this next turn of wheel.

Please consider supporting me, by contributing to this campaign.  It will be funding me and those I work with in building the dream, one person and place at a time.. and it's going on the road, then bringing it HOME. <3

Will you give too, to see this possibility grow and become a reality? 

Let's give it all we've got.

We're worth it...  and we've already got everything we need.. together.

 Conceive, seed, cultivate, sprout, communicate, share.

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