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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dani, What On Earth…

...are you DOING?

 What I came here for.. 
Loving, Learning, Growing..

(click for mercurious musings on Comets & Change by Gneiss Moon)
And, facilitating change.

 I've been managing technological network and information systems since I was 21 years old.. For a run of 23 years now.  And I love what I do!  I help people do their jobs well..  To have the tools and data at their fingertips when they need it, and ensure they know where to find it and how to use it.  I improve efficiency and effectiveness through the use of technology.  I know what buttons I push for the company, and as I've learned and grown through my employments, I've intentionally shifted what types of technology projects I support by working on and getting paid for them. 

From help desks and business continuity in the automotive industry back in Detroit, through customer care and data centers in the telecommunications industry here in Seattle, to infrastructure and construction for a non-profit in the child welfare sector, CorpAmerica  has been a sandbox for me to play in..  A place to practice and develop skills.  I have been practicing how to connect individuals with the required materials for improving what and how they operate, by applying the appropriate tool at the right time and place.   

I found my way through working for these companies by building healthy and authentic relationships, and managed to keep a healthy sense of humor for the better part of these past 23 years.  When that became difficult, it was a reflection that it is time for a change. 

Change.. And improvement..  What IS that?   I believe it is reviewing past endeavors, appreciating what turned out well, and really calling out where things didn't turn out so well.  Going into those darker corners reveals to us what practices no longer serve us so we can let them go, and open up to new ways to grow.   

Doing things…  Better.  How do we really know what is better?   There are examples throughout time of atrocities that have been committed in the name of making things better.  Better for whom? 

For ALL.  For the one, the planet, the human family and all non-human beings, for the earth mother and father sky, for the fires that burn and the waters that yearn to return home… for unity in the flow of all these things material and immaterial. 

I see harmonious ways opening up before us, to become more efficient and effective in how we operate within our families, neighborhoods, relationships, daily lives and exchanges.  I hear common goals echoed in churches, artist lofts, music clubs, kitchens and back yards, and I feel absolutely compelled to leverage my tools, resources, skills and abilities honed 'at work' to deliver on these beautiful shared visions..  'at home'. 

So off I go, on this Earth Odyssey adventure.. To practice on the ground in villages and with my networks what I know we can do.. Then come home, and do it again, getting better all the time. 

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