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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Project Nuevo Mundo's Earth Odyssey - The Econauts

Not a lot of time to blog so far, shooting some photos out and random updates on FB and G+.. I have lots of writings started and will finish one soon, I just know it ;)

In the meantime - having arrived to meet up with the rest of the Econauts in Guatemala this past Tuesday and spending the last four days immersed in camp service and festie prep for the Cosmic Convergence (rapidly approaching!), I have come to know the people featured in this video as family already..

And it is my sincere honor and enthusiastic privilege to introduce them to you via this amazing video by the Republic of Light crew that comprises one aspect of this mobile eco-village-building expedition.


PLEASE CHECK OUT this video that introduces them, and the project, and... after meeting them and watching this again today..  I am so grateful, and blissed OUT- working alongside these amazing emerging leaders is SO FUN!!

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