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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Sneak Peek at the Launch of the Sonosphere

Introducing... The Sonosphere
A kinetic chamber for deep trance :)

The ResoNation is Rising...
Experience it for Your Self
@ Our Sacred Acres <3
<3 it's all coming together.

PS.  This is my own unedited home video,
giggles are BONUS SOUND BYTES, and
screen bounciness is a FEATURE :)

In my spare time I plan to be learning Spanish and how to edit my videos, while also building a new website for Our Sacred Acres that includes the Sonosphere and Mercury's Outpost.  In the meantime, I am having fun sharing these stories with you all through this blog >~_^<

PPS.  This is also me encouraging you to find somewhere to share your stories.
Maybe you write songs or poetry, consider joining a circle to share them, or going to an open mic night.  Tell your stories, out loud, with people whose stories you'll be glad you heard, too. The information we have gained from our experiences here is not just for us... it's for everyone, and maybe just for someone who will just happen to hear it just when needed.

Coming together is a collective process...

~Dani Belle

And To Further Addendum:

The Sonosphere is but one aspect of the convergent influences upon your general well being at Our Sacred Acres :) ...

May I also present the Templification of OSA, as it is being transformed into a Sanctuary of Temples, and therefore this launch is also known upon the great calendrical oraculum as the beginning ...  of

Being Well, Together <3 <3

Whilst transcending deep into Nature and rediscovrrring your inner wild-ness..
Become immersed in sound and light, crystal geometries and vibrational attunements..  find your Balance.. your home frequency, and resonate it well.. 
Then surrender to the hands at work upon your own temple, your body..  moving the subtle energetics that make up this dimension, moving through us,moving us through Human Contact.
Behind the curtains, the alchemists are at work upon the guests..

Dakinis, Yoginis, Priestesses and Intuitives

Sanctuary Services provided by

Satori and Blossom
Holistic Tantra, Energy Healing, Yoga Arts, and Relationship Guidance
Bodywork and Intuitive Wellness



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