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Friday, December 05, 2014

From Giveaway Goddess to Office Mystic: Will you buy some time?

Our Sacred Acres..  A place
for holding space.
Time..  Money..  Art.. Tools.. Wisdom.. Experience.. Life.
Stories, hugs, hand-holding, helping and witnessing..  Together.


Since OSA first gave me her name, she told me we have come together to hold space.  
I didn't really know what that meant, other than, be here, make home, they will come and fill the space and we will hold them.

Many have come!  Many people, many creatures, and much..


Art..  Instruments..  Books .. Furnishings.. 
Tools, technology, textiles, domes and decor..

This is the Stuff of Dreams, folks, we have what is needed to bring your dreams into reality, right here, right now..  we're getting it ALL together..  as we write, now, our


Speaking our dreams to one another, setting the intentions for our personal growth and transformation then collaborating on getting the parts assembled into a Whole Being.. this is the stuff and the stories of Dream Tending.  Through holding space here ~ place-making ~ we collectively become the Guiders of the Dream.. carefully crafting the set and setting..  for Magic to unfold.. in space, with stuff.. of story.

CRAFTING TOGETHER..  as inspired by our true NATURE.. 
IN nature!!  

Or, in the lounge, or the kitchen, or by the fireplace.  :)

So as we move into the last days of this year known as 2014..  I am recognizing that I must be that Giveaway Goddess again, in support of this ever-present Dream.

The Dream of OSA.  

I am SO GRATEFUL for all that we have both given and received, transformed and transmuted, celebrated, and mourned, together here in this DreamSpace already!

And I wonder, will there be more next year?  

For Our Sacred Acres to continue in 2015, we will have to raise some dough in 2014.

And so, the answer lies within you, the people who have been a part of the Dream enough so far, to be inspired to read this blog all the way through!

Will you buy some time with us?  Your gift now gives us the opportunity to give back to you later AND to the whole community, too..  Sonosphere Sessions, Farm to Feasts, Parties with PURPOSE, and so much more.

Over the next few days I'll be offering several ways to play with me and the beautiful people, places, and projects that are woven into this tapestry of.. 

People..  like, Me!  DaniBelle, The Office Mystic:
Please Click HERE to be one of Dani's 2014 "Back2Black" Angels

Place..  the Home we share..  Our Sacred Acres:
Please Click HERE to make a one-time or monthly contribution for 2015 community offerings.

Prayer.. for every being, seen & unseen..  ALL My Relations:

Mitakuye Oyasin - All My Relations

Please hear this prayer, that my thoughts, words, and actions be in right relations and in a good way for the wellbeing of all beings past and future, incarnate in the earth and stars for always.

Please click here to hear Unci Rita of the International Council of 13 Grandmothers tell of this simple prayer:

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