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Thursday, December 04, 2014

It's always darkest before the dawn.. SHAKE IT OUT!

..it's hard to dance with a devil on your back... So shake him off, oh whoa!

We all have our demons, climbing up from the depths of past experience and putting a lid on our light.. then we get to shake them off, let them go, and shine on once more.

For, Life Is a cyclical experience, the wheel keeps on turning, night WILL fall, and day WILL dawn. 

Again, and again.  And the patterns we were given continue to repeat until we see them, until we bring them into the light and set them free.. setting our selves free in the process.

I am releasing some deep patterns - I dive into the dark willingly, and breathe deep to steady my steps as I walk into places of shadow and fear, doubt, and crippling self-criticism.  KNOWING, that I have gone here many times before, found what needed to be retrieved, and LIT IT UP to make my way back.. 


I dreamt that I was sitting on the edge of a pool, in layers of clothing, and with heavy boots on my feet, which were dangling into the dark waters.

I wondered why I was there, why I had put my feet in the water yet not got them wet. So I pulled one leg up at a time and removed the boots.  Once both feet were back  in the water and wet, the weight began pulling me into the water, and I did not resist.  I allowed my body to roll into the deep, dark pool, and found myself standing on the bottom with the water reaching exactly the top of my head.

Without any sense of panic or fear, I realized I would not be able to get myself out of the water alone.

Without any questions in my mind or expectations of who or what may be above me, I raised my arms up above my head, lifting my hands into the air, and held them there, eyes closed, feeling my heartbeat ripple through the water all around me, and realizing it was getting slower, and then..

Hands, slipped gently into mine.  And pulled me up.

I woke up immediately upon taking a breath, and never opened my eyes to see who was there.


It's time to rise, time to face the dawn, let it shine a light on the dark places in my own life..
Get out of bed..  open up the curtains, clear out the cobwebs, wash the windows.

May all who have known the warmth of my heart, hold up a mirror and reflect a little of that light back upon me, give me strength in these hours before that dawn.

<3 Dani <3

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