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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Articulating the Dream, Together

I don't so much script write, or, prepare
what I have to share
as dive in deep to a teaching, then integrate and embody 
the experience.
Listening closely, quietly.. for when it's ready to come out, then allowing the words to choose themselves.

That's when I know it's my heart speaking.

In modeling this mode of self-expression, I seek to emerge a new language with you..
To reflect clearly what I see, and show each of you who take your time to hear me speak..
How beautiful you are.

That we all may know from one another
what a beautiful world we co-create together

when we consciously choose to learn
from every given moment

and each unique genius that shows up in our sphere.

What we do here, now, when we gather
Commune, if you will! 

To share with one another
Giving AND receiving
That which we have harvested from
our journey down the path we last walked

To set intentions before one another for which road to next travel
Where we are setting our sights next, what winds now fill our sails and passion fuels our spirit

Our thoughts are builders..

Our dreams are the visions by which our minds draft the blueprints..

And the universe delivers that which we are asking for in unison.

You are the creator - you are calling in the new world with every breath and every action..

Whether you are aware of it or not. 


Listen.. Can you hear the music of the land?  of the water that moves through us ALL?

What is the one song that we will sing together, and what's YOUR resonation, your pitch, your tone?
There's a space in this harmony for every individuation and unique self-expression..

The Earth is communing with herself through us and our myriad reflections of possibility to one another.   May every voice be heard ..  be raised to speak of that which we all believe in most passionately..  the most beautiful of our dreams.

And may it be in the universal language 

of LOVE.

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