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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Living each moment from the center

Every moment is a decision, a choice.

These choices are much easier to make when we are conscious of them - even the simple choice of whether to keep going or to rest!  Conscious decision-making comes from being grounded, aware, and receptive to your own intuition, accessed via heart-mind-body coherence.

Being grounded and coherent comes through intentional alignment -- both physically, and emotionally. What are you feeling, right now, and is there discomfort in your body that is giving you a message?

When ‘what to do next’ comes into your mind, allow your body to answer the question for you.  What choices do you have?  Focus on the decision that lies before you, hold it in your mind.  Now draw that thought down your brainstem.. feel the muscles in your neck, your throat, perhaps clear it by making a noise.  

Then breathe it in, filling your heart and lungs with oxygen as you hold that thought, question, choice…. expanding your chest so your heart is leading the way, then expel the breath and feel down further into a gut check, rotating your middle around and allowing your belly to relax, then breathe in, and out, a few times at your own pace. 

Imagine your choices to either side of you.. which way does your body lean?  Turn to face each choice, and let go of the 'shoulds' and 'ought tos' ... what feels to be in right relationship with your body, and your environment?

Well here you are, in your body, so let's move on to those big blocks in your energetic flow… really connect with the earth, by stomping our feet a little, and do some whomping while we’re in our torso!!   The hands, feet and head have energy meridians flowing in and out, and these grounding exercises also loosen and free ‘stuck’ energy.. we call that STRESS. 

Let’s clear it by SHAKING it out!!  Shake your body, envisioning your organs getting their groove on, shake your cells, the membranes regaining flexibility and nuclei laughing as they bounce inside their walls, bounce your bones and tendons and fling all that stress right out the ends of your fingers and toes..  Shaking is a 5000+ year old practice, a warm up in Qi Gong (or Chi Kung) to which I was introduced by my dear friend Karen Fletcher (founder of QiDancing, a combination of Qi Gong and Ecstatic Dance.. yummm!)

Here is a video of Karen leading one of her earth gym classes at Green Lake
Massage your hands and feet regularly to keep those circuits flowing, get the knots out and just.. get it out all out!

Getting that stress out through conscious decision-making is emoting..  emotion is literally movement outward, so when we feel and express emotions we are moving energy out into the world, giving it back to the earth, the sky, the waters, the fires… and making room for new energies to come in and flow with us, around and through us.

This is being in the flow, it's synchronicitous and warm and when we live our life from the center, each decision is a divine step upon the path of our life's purpose.  It's easy to forget, because we often get trapped in our mind.  It's also easy to remember - just lead with your heart... it's right there in your center!

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