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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mercury’s Outpost: Evolving a Sound Convergence

Mercury’s Outpost, The Evolver Network, Tribal Convergence, the electronic music community, and local permaculture and cooperative farmsteads including Skipley Farm have connected to form a local node in the Puget Sound, and this alliance is blooming and growing in all kinds of new ways in 2012.  From food forestry with aquaponics to dance festivals of visionary art and music – with this Sound Convergence, it’s all coming together J   
As the shifts in individual and collective consciousness continue all around and within us, new realizations are awakening us to our deep human need for community.  The basic need to be valued, to be seen and heard and appreciated for our participation in the exchange of energy, resources, skills, experience, vision, and wisdom.  To have our essential needs for survival addressed in exchange for this participation – shelter, food, water, warmth, love, and connection to something greater than our selves.
Today, I attended a Sustainable Snohomish meetup potluck at Skipley Farm, and observed those connections materializing over shared food, visions, projects and the passing of wisdom and resources freely between beautiful human beings that were all present, in this moment, to make a difference in their immediate environment, right now.  A difference that incorporates the employment of all our tools, each one of our gifts in conscious exchange to build relationships based on trust in your neighbor.  And each person brought their tool, the skillset acquired, the resources pooled, the systems developed, and the muscles exercised (and I would be remiss not to mention the dishes prepared!) to contribute.
The keynote presentation was by Snohomish Mutual Credit System, a Local Exchange Trade System in the ‘tried and true’ format that has been flourishing in some communities for several years.  This is our local version here with our own neighbors, some we knew and some we now know with delight.  This is the online manifestation of a tracking mechanism for these resource and service exchanges within our community.   More specifically, it is a local currency – it’s money – and the value is defined with complete transparency on the system by the parties engaging in the exchange.  This local sourcing without the application of interest establishes autonomy and diversity.. reducing, if not eliminating scarcity. 

Yay!  This is truly a vision whose time has come, and as one who has been holding space, championing, occasionally martyring, and generally cheerleading the sacred economics of community, I am ecstatically.. RELIEVED!!!!  Even as I write this blog, so overdue and up against tonight’s deadline, I know in my heart and soul and cellular resonance that this convergence of communities – of community builders - is organized and has the resources and the foundation to co-create an evolutionary culture of LOVE.
We find resilience in diversity… and in community, neighbor trust is the currency that creates true value.

By Dani Belle Dakini – The Office Mystic; Catalyst, Muse and Facilitator of Flow  
Proprietress of Our Sacred Acres, a Place for Holding Space. and Founder of Mercury’s Outpost, a Collective & Qi Exchange at OSA
Mercury’s Outpost began in 2005, as a PayPal account amongst friends in Detroit who were selling off or trading out all their stuff, in order to survive.  As the individual in the club with employment and a bank account, I became the de facto founder and organizer; this role has defined many of the relationships I have developed over the years.  I actually assumed this role even earlier – at 20 years of age, when I found out I was pregnant.  Twenty-three (23) years later, my initial vow still holds value – to do all of which I am capable to create a loving home for my daughter (and now grandson!). 

In 2006 I moved to Seattle, the mountains called me here.  They’d been calling for some time on the inside, this time they literally called on the phone, and offered me a job here – an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Following the magical synchronicities and delighting in each most obvious of signposts, I boarded a plane for parts unknown with a suitcase in hand, and the world has unfolded before me to reveal alternate realities, dreamscapes, visionary mentors, my true purpose, and family.  I have found actual kin, that I didn’t even know I had here in Seattle, a multitude of kindred spirits, and many, many groups, circles, organizations, and networks that are engaged in kind exchange like that which prompted us to begin Mercury’s Outpost in the first place.  The realization dawned on ME, that the loving home in which to raise our children is part of a trusting and transparent COMMUNITY.
A community is a school for everyone – we all learn from relating to one another, are all both teachers and students of each experience. I engaged deeply with the Women of Wisdom Foundation, based here in Seattle, organizing monthly events and participating in their annual conference (20 year anniversary in 2012!), expanding my mind and heart and body and awareness of their interconnected nature.  After serving 2 years on the WOW Council, it became apparent to me that the wondrous women associated with this organization are wisdom-keepers, and their knowledge, to become world wisdom, must be shared with a wider audience.  All these women-only events were isolating me from my loved ones, and they were barred from the important teachings that I was facilitating!
In Spring of 2012 I resigned from the Women of Wisdom Council and Conference Planning Committee, and committed myself to the Sporeganizer role for Evolver Everett.   This allows me greater flexibility in organizing and facilitating the intergenerational gatherings at which transformational experiences can be shared.. where all my loved ones can find the place where their gift is valued.. and CELEBRATED J

Summer is on full-tilt, bringing in Tribal Convergence and with the resulting Sound Convergence, we’re evolving our open source festival and workshop experiences into active engagement with our local community on a daily basis – it’s where we grow our food, and rest our heads, and did I mention .. we dance.

Meow! >~_^<

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