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Friday, September 07, 2012

The Goddess Festival 2012

Mercury's Outpost Collective & Exchange gifted the goodies at The Goddess Festival
It was a party with purpose!  We loved collaborating with Tara of Babette's Events on this festival, as it perfectly aligns with the 'Benefit for Good' intention we have for all our activities, in that they provide direct support to the community participants. 

Goods from the Outpost were gifted to festival attendees that donated to play for a variety of prizes from the 'Balloon Pop' booth, and balloons did not need to be popped for a prize since we had plenty to share : )  Plus, it was a beautiful day in Woodland Park!

Still in her maidenhood, this second year festival raised $1,083.00 for the three non-profit organizations in the community: 
  • Savor the Sound - an artist-driven music initiative to provide early music education to youth.
  • FamilyWorks -  A food bank and family center that nourishes and strengthens individuals and families.
  • Wallingford Senior Center - providing services and programs for older adults that promote well-being through community involvement.
Check out The Goddess Festival website for the amazing musical lineup from this year, and last year.. then come back and play with us next year!!

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